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Wednesday, April 18. 2012

Today's schedule is B-A-D-C

B Block Law 12 - Today in Law we'll start looking at arrests and warrants in Canada. Our focus will be on the options police have if they believe a suspect has committed a crime. We'll talk about appearance notices & arrests (both warrantless and warrant arrests) and we'll also talk about the duties of police officers. I'll have you work on questions 3 & 5 on page 149 and questions 2 & 4 on page 154 of the All About Law text.

A Block Social Studies 11 - Today with Ms. Krahn...we’ll finish up the group work with the 5 battles we were looking at yesterday (Battle of Dunkirk, Battle of Britain, Operation Barbarossa, Pearl Harbor and Battle of Hong Kong). Here is a link to the handout that was distributed in class yesterday

We’ll also look at the events of the Dieppe raid and the Battle of Ortona, and we’ll watch a clip from Love, Hate & Propaganda. After this, we’ll discuss the role of propaganda in WWII, and you will then work on your own WWII propaganda poster. Here is the link to the assignment handout: The poster assignment is due FRIDAY APRIL 20th. You will have part of this class and tomorrow’s class to work on it.We will go over examples of types of posters in class.

Here are some links to different styles of posters:
Canadian WWII propaganda posters
British propaganda posters
Russian propaganda posters
German Propaganda Posters

Here are some links to help you make your poster:
How to make a propaganda poster in photoshop
How to make a poster in powerpoint
How to make a poster in word
Online poster website
D Block Criminology 12 - Today I want to continue with our look at the nature vs. nurture debate that we kind of started yesterday, again focusing on the history of psychological and sociological criminology. I'll start with a quick power point on the topic and I'll have you take a few notes down in order to help with next Monday's activity (below)

We'll look at the difference between deviance and criminal behaviour (acts that are criminal but not deviant and deviant but not criminal). What is deviant behaviour? A simple explanation of deviant behaviour could be any action that violates cultural norms (formal norms like laws - or informal norms like nose picking). This is a difficult concept because what an individual or sub culture in society defines as deviant is contextually situated (meaning what I think is deviant may be different for you; it is subjective - influenced by personal considerations).

Take smoking in public. You may think that this behaviour is acceptable because an individual has the choice to consume a cigarette and they are merely harming themselves...no problem right? You may, however, think this behaviour is unacceptable. Second-hand smoke is hurtful to others because they could be harmed by someone else's behaviour. So what is deviant in many cases is subjective. What is criminal is the codification of what a society as a whole deems as deviant. Homicide is criminal because as a society we believe that taking another life is unacceptable and deviates from the accepted cultural norm that we wish our country to be like.

So using the text and your brains you need to come up with a list of things that are deviant but not criminal and a list of things that are criminal but not deviant. After you'll need to take one act from either list and explain why it should be criminalized or why it should be decriminalized.

Don't forget you need to create your own theory of why crime happens. You need to use the brainstormed list we did in class along with the notes you took today on the history of Criminology.

C Block Geography 12 - Today we are working on the Medicine Hat Topographic map. You need your Canadian Landscape topographic map book and the Medicine Hat map can be found on pages 40-42. You will need to work on questions 1 a-d, 2 a & b, 3 a-e, and 7 a-d. This work is due Friday and I will give you tomorrow's class to work on this activity as well. If you wish to work on this activity out of the class I would highly suggest you ask me questions ahead of time. You can find topographic maps of Medicine Hat on Google Maps (Type in Medicine Hat Alberta on a Google search and click on maps at the top and then choose "Terrain" as an option). Do not forget that you have a unit final test on Friday. Please take all of your marked/corrected work out of the bin in the class and spend some time preparing. Good Luck.

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