Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday, Febuary 29. 2012

Today's schedule is B-A-D-C

B Block Law 12 - Today we'll start by going through your brainstormed list of crimes and categorize them. Next will discuss the difference between criminal and immoral behaviour (crime and deviance)and after that we're going to look at the types of criminal offenses (summary conviction, indictable, hybrid) . You'll need to work on questions 1-5 on page 123
Here are some websites to help:

Offence Classification at
Summary Conviction explanation at Duhaime legal information
3 Main Types of Criminal Offences in BC (by John Dykstra)

A Block Social Studies 11 - From Ms. Krahn...Today we’ll continue our look at the four key battles from WWI. Each group will have a chance to present their information, and then we will fill out the charts.

Here’s the template for the information we will be covering:


  • Allied forces
  • Divisions of Canadian Expeditionary Forces


  • Key events/stages of each battle (point form)
  • Use of new military technology
  • Results – territory gained/lost for Allies and Central Powers; changes to Western Front; lives lost;


  • Start Date/End Date


  • Territory involved (where it took place)


  • Reason for battle


  • How did it effect Canadian Identity – why do we remember it?

We will watch a clip about Vimy Ridge from Canada A People’s History, and we’ll begin our discussion of the effects of the war on the home front, starting with the Conscription Crisis of 1917.

C Block Geography 12 - Today I will review the upcoming project/assignment that you have (building a new school in Orting Washington). We'll start watching Mega Disasters: American Volcano to help; this is a sweet "what if" disaster video and it explains the dangers of the slumbering giant...Mount Rainier. This will take up about 40 minutes of class time and then you have one question to address in your week 5 notes/package (basically the positives and negatives of volcanoes using Saint Helens as an example). A good article from Popular Mechanics can be found interviews survivors of the blast in 1980. Pictures of before and after the eruption can be found on the National Geographic website here. There's a good article from the May 2010 National Geographic magazine called "Mountain Transformed".

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