Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday, Febuary 15. 2012

Today's schedule is B-A-D-C

B Block Law 12 - So yesterday we got caught up in our Fundamental Freedoms outlined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This morning I'd like to start with you getting into partners and choosing two items/statements/scenarios from the list below. If you need to, use your All About Law text and then we'll figure out whether or not Section 2 of the Charter covers the following...

After we discuss this I'll have you work on questions 1-4 of the Canada (Attorney General) v. JTI Macdonald Corp., (2007) on page 44 in the text. I'd also like you to work on question 3 from page 46 which deals with the R. v. Keegstra (1990) and R. v. Butler (1992) cases

A Block Social Studies 11 - Today with Ms. Krahn you are in the library working on your pamphlet project that she handed out to you last Friday. From here blogsite:
oday we’ll review the structure of the Government Unit test you’ll be writing tomorrow, and any questions you might have. I will also have a list – organized by student number – of all of the assignments that have been handed in so far.

Remember, all assignments for the unit are due on FRIDAY.

Then we will head to the library to work on the pamphlet project. We have a short class today, but you will have Friday’s class to work on the project as well.

Here is a link to the assignment: note that the due date has been changed to FRIDAY, FEB 17th. If you would like to include pictures and writing in colour, you may email me your project rather than paying to print it in colour.

Here is a link about how to make a pamphlet (the authors call it a brochure):

And here’s a link to similar instructions in video form:

Other Stuff: If you’re interested in knowing more about our fundamental rights and freedoms, here’s a link to the BC Civil Liberties Association website. The BCCLA is a non-partisan charitable society that provides information and legal aid in cases dealing with civil liberties and human rights. They have several handbooks and pamphlets available on these topics:

C Block Geography 12 - Today we'll finish transfering some notes into our week 3 package on the rock cycle and then we'll focus on igneous rocks and plutonic features. We'll have a diagram to complete and then there will be three questions to work on (12, 13, & 14 from page 366 in your Geosystems textbook). If time permits we will look at some sweet footage of Kilauea and try to understand the type of lava (rhyolite? andesite? peridotite? basalt?)
You can check out current conditions and watch videos (including some cool footage of the Pu'u 'O'o vent) at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory here

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