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Monday, February 13. 2012

Today's schedule is A-B-C-D

Today I am on Mount Washington with the ski/snowboard team so Mr Janz will be working with you all today.

A Block Social Studies 11 - Today with Ms. Krahn you'll begin looking at the Constitution and your rights embedded within the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. From Ms. Krahn...

This is our last week on the government unit. Here’s an overview of what the following week will look like

MONDAY – Judicial branch, Constitution and Charter

Tuesday – Finish Constitution and Charter and then review

Wednesday – Work in Computer lab on Pamphlet

Thursday – Unit Test

Friday – Work in Computer Lab on Pamphlet


Today we’ll be looking at the Judicial branch of our government, and the role it plays in interpreting and applying the laws in our Country. We’ll discuss the role of provincial courts as well as the Supreme Court of Canada. Here’s a visual of the hierarchy of the court system:

Then we’ll take a look at our Constitution, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and how the Charter can be interpreted in the courts.

Here’s a quick stop animation video about the Charter made by high school Social Studies students:

We’ll end the class with looking at a case study that related to the Quebec Kirpan Case. We’ll look at the scenario, and you will answer 5 questions in small groups. A handout of the group activity is available here:

Here’s a link to the actual case for more info:

B Block Law 12 - Today you'll start the class with the last 15 minutes of the Law & Order episode “Cherished” from season 9 that we started on Friday. Just before the final decision in the case is handed down by the jury the DVD will be paused and you'll need to write down what your decision would be if you were the judge in the case. You need to indicate whether the accused is guilty or innocent and the reasoning why they feel that way. You'll need to issue a sentence if you find someone guilty. The charge is 2nd Degree murder - which is intentional but unplanned and unpremeditated homicide. The three people on charge are the Russian doctor (Andrei Kostov) and the first set of adoptive parents (Edward and Megan Connery - the ones who originally adopted the infant and then falsified information to “pawn” the infant off on another set of parents). You can find one or all three guilty of 2nd Degree murder or you can find one or all three guilty of a lesser charge (like involuntary manslaughter – unintentional death caused by negligence…AKA stupidity). If you choose 2nd Degree murder then the maximum penalty is life in prison with no eligibility for parole for 25 years. If you choose involuntary manslaughter then the maximum penalty is life in prison and there is no minimum (in other words you can issue a sentence of community service or a short time in jail or a half way house or something like that).

After, we'll talk about your decisions and then you'll get the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Scavenger Hunt worksheet (BLM 2-1a). Use all of Chapter 2 in the All About Law text to find the answers.

C Block Geography 12 - OK Lets get this out of the way right now....No the movie the Core is not possible. We do not have the technology to burrow our way to the core of the earth and detonate a nuclear device in order to start the liquid outer core rotating. Today we start with tectonics and the internal structure/composition of the earth. We'll take some notes down in the week 3 package on core, mantle, and crust and then we'll watch the first 30 minutes of the Amazing Planet DVD from National Geographic. You may use the Earth Interior web page or the Dynamic Earth webpage to help with questions 7 & 8 from page 366 of your Geosystems text (answers can be found between pages 334 and 336 of the text).
Use this diagram for your notes in the week 3 package.
If you missed it here's part of the the DVD

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