Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday, February 24. 2012

Today's schedule is B-AG-A-D-C

We have our second programming day today so the morning schedule is altered and looks like this:
B Block 9:05-10:10
AG 10:15-10:35
A Block 10:40-11:50

Your programming forms for course selections are due today so please get them in. Thanks.

B Block Law 12 - Today we will watch "True North" an episode of Law & Order from season 9. In the episode, the double murder of a wealthy man and his daughter leads the detectives to the wife and stepmother of the deceased. However, Canada's objection to the death penalty hampers McCoy and Carmichael in seeking crucial evidence for obtaining a conviction. We'll discuss the episode after its conclusion and don't forget...Test on Monday and Poster due next Wednesday.

A Block Social Studies 11 - Today with Ms. Krahn...We’ll pick up where we left off yesterday on the topic of how the Canadian public reacted to joining the war effort. We’ll briefly review the key points that were touched upon yesterday, and then take a closer look at how government and citizens responded to the ‘call to action.’ We’ll discuss government recruitment techniques, who volunteered, how Canadian troops prepared to head overseas, and how all of these efforts tied into the development of a national identity.

We’ll watch the first two scenes from Canada A People’s History (Volume 5: Ordeal by Fire), and afterwards I’ll have you take some notes about the War Measures Act.

After this, I’ll ask you to answer the following questions:

1. What powers did the War Measures Act give to the Canadian Government?

2. Do you think the War Measures Act was necessary? Why or why not?

For those of you who wern’t here yesterday, you will need to know the following terms, and how these events lead to the outbreak of WWI (Couterpoints, p. 22-24)

System of Alliances (Triple Entente and Triple Alliance)
Here is a map of the Alliances in Europe pre-WWI

C Block Geography 12 - Today....Oh today we start on Volcanoes....Sweet! It's a Bill Nye the Science Guy video (brought to you by the Law Offices of Magma, Lava, Tefra, and Pumice making mountains out of vent holes for over four billion years) and then we'll try to understand the five different types of volcanoes, with examples, and see if we can figure out where these beasts are on the planet. This all sets us up for our Mt. Rainier project later on next week. We'll look at the Mount Saint Helens eruption of 1980 (May 18th at 8:32 am) and watch some sweet vids on Kilauea. Warning: Geek Alert! (By the way at the 1:55 minute mark of the video you'll see Bill @ Mount Saint Helens...not too far off from where the picture of he and I was I said Geek Alert!) If you missed it here's the YouTube link to the video we're watching in class

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