Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday, February 17. 2012

Today's schedule is C-Ag-D-A-B

C Block Geography 12 - Today in class you’ll look at tectonics and plate boundaries. You’ll have to take down a few notes on divergent, convergent, and transform plate boundaries along with hot spots and then you'll need to work on two questions on geothermal energy and the effects of the Juan de Fuca plate and ridge just off our shores.

For more on Plate Tectonics check out:

Earth Floor: Plate Tectonics
UCal Berkeley Plate Tectonics animated Gifs
NASA: Our Restless Planet animation library
Plate Tectonics Earth View
Plate Tectonics animations - University of Kentucky
UCAR - University of Michigan - Plate Tectonics
Essentials of Geology textbook Plate Tectonics animations

A Block Social Studies 11 - From Ms. Krahn's blog site: Today we will be finishing up the pamphlet assignment. You will have the entire class to work on it in the library. Also, unless you’ve made other arrangements with me, all outstanding work from this unit is due today as well. Here is a link to the assignment. Please note that the due date has been changed to FRIDAY, FEB 17th. If you would like to include pictures and writing in colour, you may email me your project rather than paying to print it in colour.

Here is a link about how to make a pamphlet (the authors call it a brochure) and here’s a link to similar instructions in video form

Other stuff: Here’s a link to past Socials 11 Provincial exams. I will also be adding this link to the blog’s home page.

B Block Law 12 - Yesterday we began to look at legal rights in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (sections 7-9). Today, we'll finish the legal rights section (sections 10 a-d-14) working on the following questions from yesterday: page 54 q 1-3; page 56 q 1, 2 and 4; and page 60 question 1. For the rest of the class talking about equality and looking at section 15.
From the Website

To prove section 15 has been violated you must show:

•You were treated differently from others because of the law
•The different treatment was because of a reason set out under section 15 (race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability) or an analogous reason (a personal trait like sexual orientation, marital status, or citizenship)
•The different treatment amounts to discrimination under section 15. For example, does the law have the effect of saying the person is less worthy of respect or consideration than other people? Is the person part of a group that has been stereotyped, suffered prejudice or been historically disadvantaged? How does the different treatment relate to the persons circumstances?

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