Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday, November 15. 2011

Today's schedule is C-D-A-B

C Block Law 9/ 10 - Today we are going to finish our look at the biological and sociological reasons for crime. After, we'll talk about the victims of crime. Crime Victimization is a huge area of study in Criminology and we'll try to make sense of some victim statistics. You'll need to bring your coloured pencils tomorrow as you will be drawing what you think the typical victim of an assault looks like. You will need to keep in mind the demographic statistics about victims and the factors that add to the risks of being a victim. This will be due on Friday and then you will have a quiz on Monday. The quiz will be on the first four pages of your notebook (the topics we covered in Law 9/10 this week).

D Block Social Studies 11 - So today you'll continue your Decade on a Page activity that reviews the 1920's in Canada. Using chapter 3 in the Counterpoints textbook (pages 48-72) you need to identify the important events, changes in and challenges to Canada for the following four topics:

  1. Arts, Culture, and Leisure

  2. Government, International Autonomy, and Political Parties

  3. Industry, Jobs, and Wealth

  4. Society (race, gender, social class), Urbanization, and Values
You'll need to look at: prohibition in Canada and branch plants in Canada; William Lyon Mackenzie King, the Halibut Treaty, the Chanak Affair, the Statute of Westminister and the King-Byng crisis; Aboriginal title and cut off lands (including Joe Capilano), racial segregation and immigration laws, Emily Murphy and the Person's Case; as well as the Group of Seven, Emily Carr, the US influence on Canadian culture and other topics that we'll go over today in class.

B Block Geography 12 - Today we'll continue our look at weather, the best topic ever! Like every day in our unit, we'll start by looking at the synoptic chart for North America and begin to understand weather station plots. The two sites we'll use are the Weather Office (Environment Canada) and Data Streme.

For the rest of the class we'll look at the composition and vertical structure of the atmosphere focusing on the bottom two layers (Troposphere and Stratosphere) through this we'll complete the Atmosphere in the Vertical activity along with the questions on ozone. I'm so excited to be starting weather! Hail, lightning, tornadoes, and hurricanes are four on "the list" get ready, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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