Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Law 9/10 Forensic Science Websites

Below is a list of hyperlinked topics for a forensic science web page project that the G.P. Vanier Law 9/10 class completed this term. I was very pleased to see the efforts of the Law 9/10 students who worked hard on their projects; they learned a great deal about criminal psychology, crime scene investigation, the lab work involved in solving crimes, police detective work and the legal process in proving guilt.

Forensic Toxicology - Alisha
Fingerprinting - Toni
Forensic Anthropology - Dana (pwd: bones)
Ballistics - James
Serology - Kyle
Computer Forensics - Katrina
Fingerprinting - Marina
Forensic Anthropology - Victoria
DNA - Rachel
Toxicology - Mollie
Forensic Entomology - Nic
Forensic Chemistry - Tarrin
Forensic Odontology - Analise
Ballistics - Graham
Forensic Serology - Cassie
Forensic Anthropology - Luke
Forensic Entomology - Alex
Forensic Odontology - Ari
Forensic Serology - Tavis
DNA - Talison

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