Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday, November 25. 2011

Because of the parent interview day yesterday, today's schedule is D-C-B-A

D Block Social Studies 11 - Today we begin our Dictatorship for Dummies project. It will be your job to create a "Dictatorship for Dummies" or "Complete Idiot's Guide to Dictatorship" book. These guides will need to use the experiences of Joseph Stalin in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Adolph Hitler in Nazi Germany, and Benito Mussolini in Fascist Italy in order to describe the following:

  • What is a dictatorship?

  • What social and economic conditions allowed the development of dictatorships?

  • How did the dictators come to power? (did they create or join a political party? How did they get elected or did they? What factors allowed them to assume control of their country?)

  • How did the dictators hold on to power? What did they do once they got power to consolidate their control?

  • What did they do to convince the people of their country to abandon their rights?

  • How can the reader of the book become a dictator? (a step-by-step guide)
Use the notes that I will hand out to you, the photocopied information about Germany, Italy, and the U.S.S.R., the Internet, and your textbook in order to get the information you need to create your Idiot's Guide or Dummies book. You are, in essence, showing how to become a fascist dictator (getting and then holding on to power).

Your textbook is a good resource (see pages 92-96) and you could also look at the following on line resources:
20th Century European Dictators
Totalitarianism in Europe
Death of the Father: An anthropology of the ends of political authority
Italy's Fascist Dictator by Jim Osborn
Italy and Germany 1936-1940

C Block Law 9/10 - We started our look at the "Unholy Trinity" of serial killer characteristics and today we'll continue our look at these people by examining the psychopath.We'll watch a video on how profiling was developed in the F.B.I. Behavioural Science Unit (through the efforts of many highlighted by the work of John Douglas) today. The first part of the video focuses on Wayne Williams and then looks at Robert Hansen. Don't forget that in Canada the R.C.M.P. call the technique criminal investigative analysis.

For the rest of the class I'll need you to wrap up your work on your serial killer poster assignment as it is due on Monday (November 28, 2011).

B Block Geography 12 - Today, in order to understand the Coriolis force, we'll watch the Simpsons episode Bart vs Australia (you can watch it here).

After we find out that in the country Rand McNally water travels backwards, people wear hats on their feet, and hamburgers eat people...we will really make sense of the Coriolis force. No, toilets are not affected by the Coriolis force but both meso and macro scale weather patterns are. After we will look at winds and pressure circulations. We'll understand where the permanent areas of high and low pressure are on the planet and figure out what that means for a macro-scale pressure gradient wind pattern. We'll try to understand what the Coriolis force is and see how it affects wind. We'll also talk about the Horse Latitudes, the Bermuda Triangle, and the Doldrums. You will need to complete question 1 from page 176 and questions 9 & 15 from page 177 of your Geosystems textbook.

Pau Hana Ohana

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