Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday, November 18. 2011

Today's schedule is B-A-D-C

B Block Geography 12 - Aaaah snow. Environment Canada listed the following this morning:


East Vancouver Island
4:40 AM PST Friday 18 November 2011
Snowfall warning for

East Vancouver Island continued

Local snowfall amounts of 5 cm expected this morning for East Vancouver Island.

This is a warning that significant snowfall is expected or occurring in these regions. Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated statements.

Radar continues to show a band of heavy snow across Strait of Georgia and over central areas of East Vancouver Island. Localized snowfall accumulations of up to 5 centimetres are expected this morning between Parksville and Comox. Only isolated showers or flurries are expected elsewhere.

OK so school is in session and in weather today we'll be talking about air pollution
, specifically the anthropogenic additions to our atmosphere. We will look at the effects of nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxides on human health and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.
Environment Canada Air Pollution site
David Suzuki Foundation Air Pollution Site
National Public Radio site on the London "Killer Fog" of 1952
EPA website on acid rain

D Block Social Studies 11 - We'll continue with yesterday's work on economic cycles on how material consumption drives the North American economic market and determine what impact losses on the stock market has on consumer confidence. We'll try to understand stocks and shares, supply and demand, and the costs of using credit. We'll also look at protectionism and see how it impacts international markets. We'll watch a few Brain Pop videos and then we'll watch Crash: The Next Great Depression. From the History Channel website:
The Next Great Depression looks at the current economic meltdown in the US and compares and contrasts it with the lead up to the Great Depression, the 1929 Crash, its immediate aftermath and what brought us out of the Depression. Threading first person accounts with expert interviews, the special lets viewers understand how much history is repeating itself and what does history tell us about our future?

You have only question 1 a & b from page 79 in Counterpoints to work on.

C Block Law 9/10 - Today we'll start by finishing up work on our "Typical Victim" of Assault. Don't forget to look through the crime statistics in your course booklet on page 4 for help. Who will most likely be assaulted and why? Now you are taking information and enhancing stereotypes for the people you are drawing. The stereotypes you're basing your drawings on are an example of profiling. Next week we'll take a deeper look at criminal profiling starting with a look at what psychopathy really is along with the differences between serial and mass murder. For the second portion of the class in order to greater understand criminal profiling we'll watch an episode of Criminal Minds.

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