Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday, September 30. 2011

Today's schedule is B-Ag-A-D-C

B Block Geography 12 - Today we'll start by finishing the Tsunami video we started yesterday in class: America's Tsunami Are We Next?. You'll need to complete two questions this weekend along with today's activity on plate boundaries. When we finish the video you'll then work on a plate tectonic boundary map of the world. You will need coloured pencils to copy the plate map from your Geosystems text or if you're not here check out:
Ensure that you use different colours for divergent, convergent, and transform boundaries. You'll need to name the plates and show the relative direction that they travel as well. HINT: Do NOT forget the Juan de Fuca plate!

A Block Criminology 12 - Today we will spend a few minutes reviewing our discussion of violence and psychopathy from yesterday. After I'll have you watch a Law & Order Criminal Intent episode "Jones" about a psychopathic killer. From Wapedia...

In this episode, Detective Goren and Eames are investigating the death of a pretty, petite woman found drowned in her bathtub.

The detectives go to work, turning down a more high-profile case because this one looks interesting. Suddenly, they find themselves awash when a second victim is another petite woman found naked and washed up on shore just days apart. Goren quickly deduces she, too, was drowned in a bathtub. But the case turns out even bigger as a third body is found, with similar body type and strangled but not drowned. Later, a fourth woman is killed.

The investigation leads Goren and Eames to an abusive, cocaine-addicted lawyer. The connection is that the women were his clients and he also was taking them for a significant amount of money to help feed his gambling addictions. The detectives dig into the case, knowing that he has one more unknown victim remaining on his list. Since Goren and Eames are unable to get help from his wife, they race in a desperate attempt to save the potential victim.

D Block Social Studies 11 - Yesterday we looked at the five major political parties, their platforms and tried to select a party that most represents your beliefs. today you'll start by working through questions 1, 2, and 4 on page 258 of the Counterpoints textbook. After we'll take a look at other ways of influencing government such as civil disobedience, mass media, pressure groups and lobbyists (if you're good we may watch an episode of Family Guy - episode 303 "Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington). You'll have to answer the following questions:
  1. What is a pressure group? What is a lobbyist? How do they influence government?
  2. What is the role of the media in the political process (think news, reporting, campaigns, and advertising)?
  3. What is civil disobedience? What are the three "guidelines" for practicing civil disobedience?
C Block Law 9/10 - Today we will continue our look at crime scene investigation. We will look at the basic stages of a search, documenting evidence, and examples of what is included in a crime scene investigator's toolkit. After this, we will watch the CSI episode "Burden of Proof" (Season 2 Episode 215). This leads us into your "Clue Us In" crime scene reconstruction project next week. On Monday I'll give you the criteria/outline for the project and then we'll be in the library from Tuesday through Thursday to work on it.

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