Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 33 - Wednesday October 27. 2010

A - Introduction to Law 9/10 - Today we'll start the class by quickly finishing the questions that Ms. Stoyles assigned to you yesterday on the physical and mental elements of a crime, the three types of criminal intent, attempts, and conspiracies. See yesterday's blog entry (Day 32)for the questions. I'll quickly review the three types of Mens Rea (Criminal Intent, Recklessness, and Knowledge) and then we'll talk about ways to compel someone to show up in court. We'll discuss appearance notices, summons; and arrests (along with the rights of private security guards and citizens). Tomorrow we'll talk about your rights and obligations upon arrest, searches with and without warrants and pre-trial releases (bail, recognizance, and surety).

C - Law 12 - Today we'll take a few notes down on property crimes (arson, theft, B&E, possession of stolen goods and false pretenses). I'll have you work on a few questions related to the topics: 1-4 on page 194 along with defining “colour of right” and “false pretenses” and Applying Legal Concepts question 1 from page 207. Tomorrow we'll talk about obscenity and other social crimes.

D - Geography 12 - Today we'll finish the questions that you didn't get to yesterday at the end of the class (17, 20, and 21 from page 443 in the Geosystems text - you can find the answers between pages 423-427 in the text). Next we'll look at karst topography and caves. We'll look on Google Earth at Guangxi province in China, Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, and Arecibo in Puerto Rico. We'll watch the Planet Earth Cave episode and you can see the opening sequence here. If you go to the Geoscape Nanaimo webpage you can find some really good graphic and information about Karst on Vancouver Island (on the left hand panel click on "Our Rock Foundations" and you'll find the subsection on caves and karst). For homework you'll need to define: stalactite, stalagmite, flowstone, sinkhole/doline, and karst valley. You'll need to answer question 17, 20, 21, and 23 from page 443 in your Geosystems text and explain how tower karst (pagodas) forms and identify where it can be found.

Remember that case study question on the unit final? In the last three days, Indonesia has dealt with an earthquake (Mw 7.7), a tsunami, and a volcanic eruption (Mt. Merapi). Keep an eye on the region for more.

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