Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 31 - Monday October 25. 2010

Welcome back family...just a reminder that there are just two weeks remaining in Term One so try to keep on top of your assignments and get them in to me.

A - Introduction to Law 9/10 - Today we back in the library so that you may finish your work on the crime scene investigation project (Clue Us In) or begin work on your forensic science web page project. The Clue Us In assignment is due tomorrow (Tuesday, October 26th, 2010). I posted the details of this assignment on this blogsite so check out the Day 19 (Tuesday October 5th) entry. If you are completed this activity then you may begin work on your forensic science web page project. You may not choose your topic for the forensic web page assignment until you've completed the Clue Us In project.

For the forensic science web page assignment, there are many on line web page creation sites (including this site which is kind of like a bloggers for dummies site). Try the following:
Of course the creation of your site is really the last step in the process. Once you've chosen your topic (through me) you will need to get started working on finding information about it. Don't forget there are some fabulous print resources in the library and you must have at least one print source for this assignment. The details for the assignment (criteria) are listed on page 12 of your course book (handout). But here's a review:

It will be your responsibility to create one section of the G.P. Vanier Forensic Science / Criminology web page. You will need to find the following information about your chosen subject topic:

  • A description of your subject which includes an explanation of what is (history, background information, people associated with it, important milestones and discoveries).
  • An explanation of how your topic is collected at the crime scene and the tools that are used to interpret the evidence at the crime lab.
  • A description showing how the subject is used to solve crimes (identifying suspects, showing the cause of death, tracing the source of evidence or identifying a possible alternate crime scene).
  • Graphics - photos, illustrations, and animations that show and explain your subject.
  • Case Study - Provide one example of how your subject was used to solve a real crime.
    Provide URL’s as links for further investigation of your subject.

And just a reminder that you have your second last quiz in the course will be on the last four pages of the forensics section in the course handout.

D - Geography 12 - Today we start with Drop everything and Read for Teen Read Week. There are lots of really cool geography books in the class in case you forgot to bring a book with you. Next, we'll quickly review your unit final test (I'll go over the answers with you) and then we'll move on to weathering. You'll need to work on the physical weathering questions in your week 8 package (definition of frost action, exfoliation, and pressure release jointing along with questions 10, 12, 13, and 15 from page 442 of your Geosystems textbook). You can find the answers between pages 420-423 in the text and this flash animation website from the University of Kentucky Geology department will help as well.

C - Law 12 -We are back in the library for the penultimate (second last) day to work on our legal issues project. I posted the assignment and web page links last Monday (Day 27) but in case you forgot:

As Law 12 students it will be your job to explore a controversial criminal law issue for Canada. You must research and note the arguments for and against whichever criminal law topic you chose. You will need to share your findings and complete a list of what you think are the most compelling and relevant points for and against your topic. Finally you will need to create a poster that shows both sides of the argument which includes a one page case report on the topic “What is your opinion on the legal issue you’ve chosen? YOU MUST keep a record of all sources used so a bibliography is a must. If you do not cite your sources you will not receive a mark for this assignment.

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