Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 30 - Thursday October 21. 2010

D - Geography 12 - Today we're going to start our new unit on gradation. We've looked at the process of building up the land through tectonics and energy from below. Now we'll focus on breaking down the surface of the Earth and today we cover "geomorphology". We'll look at some slopes on Google Earth and then you will need to work on questions 2, 5, and 6 from page 442 in your Geosystems text. The United States Geological Survey has a good web page on Landslides here and this flash animation website from the University of Kentucky Geology department will help as well.
The Atlas of Canada has a good site on Landslides in Canada as does the Geological Survey of Canada.

C - Law 12 - We are continuing our look at criminal law. Yesterday we started to look at homicide (CC sect. 222) and (CC sects. 229-240). Today we'll start with R. v. Gosset (1993) on page 183-4 and R. v. Creighton (1993) on page 207 and then move into assault, sexual assault, other sexual offences, robbery, and abduction (taking down a few notes on these crimes). To end the class you'll work on questions 7-10 on page 190.
Implying death ( bodily harm or burning property (burn/destroy) *Must be believable and Must be imminent
CC 265 Assault
Any unwanted application of force against another person
Level 1 simple assault
Level 2 assault causing bodily harm
Level 3 aggravated assault
CC 273 Sexual Assault
Any unwanted sexual contact
Level 1 any touching (molestation).
Level 2 with a weapon
Level 3 aggravated (endanger life or wound/maim/disfigure)

A - Introduction to Law 9/10 - Today we'll finish the CSI episode we started last week (Abra Cadaver where Grissom, Warrick, and Sara investigate when a woman vanishes while taking part in a magician's act. The primary suspect is the magician. Catherine and Nick investigate the apparent overdose of a rock star). After we'll head to the library to continue playing the CSI games at the Rice University CSI Web Adventure site.

Enjoy your long weekend and I'll see you Monday

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