Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Today's schedule is C-D-Lunch-B-A

D- Law 12 - We are continuing our look at criminal law. Friday we started to look at homicide (CC sect. 222) and (CC sects. 229-240). Today we'll start with R. v. Godin (1994) and then move into assault, sexual assault, other sexual offences, robbery, and abduction. You'll then work on questions 7-10 on page 190 (Tomorrow we look at property crime, Wednesday we look at abortion and obscenity, and Thursday we have a Law & Order episode to watch). Don't do the questions for homework; I'll give you time to work on them tomorrow in class.

B- Geography 12 - Today we move on to chemical weathering. We'll take some notes down about carbonation (solution), oxidation, and hydration and fill in a chart on weathering types, rates, and their connection to climate conditions. Next we'll look at karst topography and caves. We'll look on Google Earth at Guangxi province in China, Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, and Arecibo in Puerto Rico. We'll watch the Planet Earth Cave episode and you can see the opening sequence here. If you go to the Geoscape Nanaimo webpage you can find some really good graphic and information about Karst on Vancouver Island (on the left hand panel click on "Our Rock Foundations" and you'll find the subsection on caves and karst). For homework you'll need to define: stalactite, stalagmite, flowstone, sinkhole/doline, and karst valley. You'll need to answer question 17, 20, 21, and 23 from page 443 in your Geosystems text and explain how tower karst (pagodas) forms and identify where it can be found.

A - Social Studies 11- Today we start by reviewing 1917 - a crucial year in the First World War (Don't forget we already know about Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele). We will take a look at the crisis surrounding conscription (Military Service Act) and see how that issue divided Canada. We'll also look at the Suffragette movement (Nellie McClung) and the Wartime Elections Act of 1917 that was tied to the Military Voters Act. you'll get three supplemental hand-outs today: "The Conscription Crisis"; "A Country Divided the conscription crisis"; and "The Suffrage Movement women get the vote". Using the handouts, you'll need to work on a casualty / enlistment graph for 1917 in class and work through questions 1 & 3 on page 39 and 1 & 4 on page 42 in your Counterpoints text along with the Reconnect questions 1 & 2 on the handout "The Conscription Crisis".

For more info see:
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