Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today's schedule is A-B-Lunch-C-D

A - Social Studies 11 - Today we'll continue our look at the powers of the Prime Minister (Party Leadership, Appointment, Government Organization, and Dissolution). It will be your responsibility to create a Job Wanted advertisement for the Prime Minister of Canada. On your wanted ad you will need to include:
  1. Job description (role and powers that the PM has)
  2. Job requirements (expectations and necessary capabilities)
  3. Preferred personal characteristics (choose five qualities of leadership that we discussed and explain what they mean for a PM)
  4. Symbols (of Canadian identity)
This assignment is due Monday (September 28, 2009) and don't forget you have the day off tomorrow so use your time wisely this weekend.

B- Geography 12 - Yesterday we looked at magma, igneous rocks, and plutonic (intrusive) igneous rock features (both concordant and discordant). Today we will focus on sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. We'll take down a cross section diagram of the geology here in south western British Columbia. We'll collectively define compaction, cementation, recrystallization, clastic sedimentary rock, and non clastic sedimentary rock. We will define contact, regional, and dynamic metamorphosism and you'll have question 15 from page 366 in your Geosystems text for homework.

Check out the Dynamic Earth Interactive Rock Identification site here
Check out the Flash animation of Metamorphic Rock Creation here

D- Law 12 - Yesterday we spent most of the class clearing up the Ford v. Attorney General of Quebec (1988) case. We identified what our fundamental freedoms are (section 2 a-d of the Charter) and today we'll build on that. I will go over the B. (R.) v. Children's Aid Society of Metropolitan Toronto (1995) case with you and we'll answer the questions as a class. I will need you to complete questions 1-4 on page 44 in the text and review the Keegstra case (R. v. Keegstra, 1990) where you'll be a newspaper reporter writing a respective story on the case after the Supreme Court of Canada made its final decision on the matter. You need about four paragraphs dealing with: a brief history - summary of the case (why he was charged and what the decisions in the lower courts were); an explanation of the charter rights violations and Keegstra's defence; an explnation of the decision made by the justices of the Supreme Court; and opinion from both sides (those for and against Keegstra's defence). Use the questions in the Law text as a guide (this will be considered as your first major project in the class.

Pau Hana Ohana!

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