Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today's schedule is B-A-Lunch-D-C

B - Social Studies 10 - Today we will continue working on the graphing activities and sustainable development questions from the tenth page in from the beginning of the text handout (1 a, b, & c, 2, and 3). Once we finish that we will move on to the sectors of BC's economy assignment. You will need to use the handouts to find out the key points and important information about the following industries:
  1. Forestry
  2. Fisheries
  3. Agriculture
  4. Mining
  5. Tourism
  6. Other (film & television production and technology)
For each industry you need to look for the following data:
  1. An overview of extraction/production methods (what is taken or produced and how it is done)
  2. An overview of the impact on the economy of the province (how much money is made, how many people are employed, where in the province it is done, where the product is sold)
  3. An explanation of the issues associated with the industry (social, environmental, economic concerns)
This information will need to be condensed on a poster that will be your last major assignment for the year. I'll give you some organizational strategies on the board in class for you. Today, I'll go over the assignment with you and start with the forest industry.

A - Social Studies 11 - Today we will take a look at population distribution, density, carrying capacity, and the limits to population growth. We'll look through pages 332 - 337 in the text and watch a very short video on the history of population for the world. You'll have the rest of the class to work on your population assignment (due tomorrow). Our next topic is living standards, poverty, debt, and health on a global scale.

C - Criminology 12 - Today we are going to start by watching the first three sections of the Corporation on You tube. Next I'll give you some quick notes from a Power Point presentation and then you can work on yesterday's questions 1 & 2 from the "Can Corporations Commit Murder" section on page 285 as well as question 1 from page 291 in your Criminology the Core textbook. Tomorrow you'll be working on gangs. For more on Corporations look at the website for the documentary The Corporation

Watch the documentary on You Tube here!

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