Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo, 2009


You too could win this Sweet Kona Fire Mountain bike. It will be in the office window all week long and you can drool over it there. All you need to do is ride your bike to school next week and register each day at the front entrance.

Today's schedule is B-A-Lunch-D-C

B- Social Studies 10 - Today with Mr. Lux you'll start with current events and then after you'll begin looking at British Columbia and its entrance into confederation. You'll have a worksheet to complete as the class goes along and this should get you ready for tomorrow's debate. With BC entering into Confederation we'll start with reviewing the Explorers that you looked at with Mr. Young and then we'll move on to the joining of the west coast colonies and the push to join Canada. Tomorrow's U-Shaped debate will be "Should BC have joined the Canadian Confederation or not?"

A - Social Studies 11 - Today with Mr. Lux you'll start with current events and then you'll start a look at the effects of World War Two on the home front here in Canada. You'll take a look at the economy at home, the changing role of women in society, the internment of Japanese Canadian citizens in British Columbia and the increasing Canadian identity that emerged throughout the war. Tomorrow in class you'll begin a U-Shaped debate on the question "Can war ever be avoided and could World War Two have been avoided?"

Criminology 12 - Today we were supposed to have a quiz but my computer crashed last night with your quiz on it. Have no fear, I have backed up my work and what I'll do is give you the quiz next Tuesday (it will be on victims and victimology - Chapter 3 stuff). We'll have a few notes to take down on the problems of being crime victims (economic loss, system abuse, long term stress, fear, and antisocial behaviour) and the social ecology of victims (the house, age, gender, social status, race & ethnicity, and marital status). Lastly you need to read through the next section in Chapter 3 on "Theories of Victimization" (dealing with Victim Precipitation, Lifestyle, and Routine Activities) - pages 61-64. Your work will be to explain and compare the three theories (as a paragraph) and answer questions 2 & 3 on page 72 in the Criminology: The Core text. We should finish this in class today and if there is time we'll begin looking at the typical victim of crime activity I'd like you to work on next (if not, we'll get to it tomorrow).

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