Thursday, January 15, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

Today's schedule is D-C-Lunch-A-B

D - Geography 12 - Today we have our unit final test on biomes, climate, and ecosystems. If you came prepared, I am certain that you will have done well. When we are finished the test we'll watch the first three sections of the National Geographic DVD "Human Footprint". In the documentary, National Geographic calculated all the energy, resources and products used by each American over an average lifetime. Since we, in Canada, live a similar lifestyle to the United States the video gives you a really good view of consumption and its effects.
For more information see the National Geographic Preserve Our Planet website.

C - Introduction to Law 9/10 - Today we have our unit final quiz for the pre trial, trial, and sentencing work we've been focusing on over the last three weeks. When we finish the quiz, we'll begin watching the Law & Order episode "Family Values" (Season 5 Episode 4). This episode is based on the Amy Fisher attempted murder of her lover's wife Mary Jo Buttafuoco. Check out the following websites to find out more about the case:
TruTV: Long Island Lolita case Amy Fisher case

A - Law 12 - Today we are in the library for our last day to work on the major civil law project. The project is due a week from today and you have no more class time to work on it. Monday and Tuesday we'll be watching the "War of the Roses" DVD. This movie is a dark comedy that exaggerates the potential conflict that divorces can inflict on everyone involved. Wednesday you'll have a class to review and get organized for Thursday and Friday's in-class final exam days.

B- Earth and Space Science 11 - Today we are in the library for our last day to work on the major photo project. This project is due next Friday - the last day of classes in Semester 1. On Monday, we'll watch a sweet video on the secrets of our sun and you'll have the rest of the class to finish up Thursday's "Sun and Solar System Worksheet 3" along with the Kepler activity and the first worksheet.

Pau Hana!

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