Monday, April 23, 2018

Tuesday, April 24. 2018

Today's schedule is C-D-A-B

C Block Criminology 12 - Today with Mr. V...we will start the class of with a pair and share discussion of the gangs that you are familiar with, first talking with a partner and then with the class about the gangs we know. After that, you will be assigned into jigsaw groups. Each group will then be broken up into expert groups where you will learn about a different organised crime gang. After you've have had time to become experts on your gangs, you will reform in their jigsaw groups and share what you have learned. I will have you record what you find out about all of the different gangs. For more stories about organized crime (especially a particularly interesting court case in Ontario and Manitoba involving the Bandidos) see:
Organized Crime Agency of British Columbia (OCABC)
Organized Crime - Vancouver Sun
Preventing Organized Crime - Government of Canada
Canada's gang hotspots — are you in one?
Hells Angels Under Pressure
The Aboriginal Gangs of Winnipeg
Girls and Gangland
8 Brutal & Violent Canadian Gangs You Never Knew Existed
Organized Crime in Canada - RCMP
Organized Crime in Canada - CISC
Youth gangs in Canada: What do we know?
The Nature of Canadian Urban Gangs (look @ section 2.1 - Definitions)
Public Safety Canada - Organized Crime Research
CBC News: Biker Gangs in Canada
Prime Time Crime: Gangs in Canada

D Block Human Geography 11 - Today with Mr. start we will have a discussion about what you believe ethnicity is. As the term is often confused with race we will begin by clarifying what ethnicity actually means, a shared cultural history that can be traced back to a specific hearth, and how it can be useful to geographers. From there we will go into a presentation about Ethnic Distributions in the United States and Canada. You will learn about the ethnic make up of Canada, where different ethnicities are distributed, and how this is changing over time. Following this discussion we will watch a short video about the ethnic makeup of major metropolitan areas in Canada like Toronto.
Finally, you'll be asked to write a few paragraphs about why you think it is that ethnic minorities, especially recent immigrants to Canada, tend to live in large metro areas.

A Block Law 12 - Test Day...Today is your criminal law mid-unit test in Law. The unit test will cover chapters 4, 5, 7, & 8 of the All About Law text. The test will have: True/False questions; Multiple Choice questions; Matching questions; and 5 Short Answer questions. Since you had a few days to prepare I am certain that you will do extra well on this test. No lawyer works in isolation and today neither will you, you may collaborate with colleagues on the test. You'll have as much time as you need for the test however it should only take 45-50 minutes to complete.

B Block Introduction to Law 10 - Today we'll finish up yesterday's Think-Pair-Share activity and then you'll get two handouts on Crime Theories. The first handout will be on Economic exclusion and Social exclusion where you'll read a fictional story about "Suzanne" and will need to identify the factors that led her to a life of crime. Read through the story and then list out all of the "social exclusions" that led to Suzanne's life of crime and all of the "economic exclusions" that led to Suzanne's life of crime.

The second handout will be on Crime Theories. I'd like you to look at the questions on the first page and put a check mark (if you agree) or an x (if you disagree) next to the question. I need you to evaluate them (what you like about them and what you disagree with them about)...don't worry we'll go through them together in class today.

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