Thursday, January 22, 2015

Friday, January 23. 2015

Today's schedule is D-AG-C-B-A

D Block Law 9/10 - Today you'll have time to work on your parties to an offence activity that you began yesterday in class. After a bit we'll watch a Law & Order episode from season 10 called Loco Parentis. From sanitation workers find a teenage boy's body, the investigation leads to a school bully who displays an avid interest in martial-arts weapons, and whose father bought the murder weapon. The killer's father is found to have helped foster his son's violent behavior, so the DA's office charges him with murder on account of depraved indifference.

The legal definition of In Loco Parentis is: A person who, though not the natural parent, has acted as a parent to a child and may thus be liable to legal obligations as if he/she were a natural parent.

C & A Blocks Social Studies 10 - Today we'll continue with the glossary of economic terms (NOTE: it is due today) and then we'll look at the key points and important information about the following British Columbian industries:

  1. Forestry 
  2. Fisheries 
  3. Agriculture 
  4. Mining 
  5. Tourism 
  6. Other (human and health services or film & television production and technology) 
For each industry we'll look for the following data:

  • An overview of extraction/production methods (what is taken or produced and how it is done)
  • An overview of the impact on the economy of the province (how much money is made, how many people are employed, where in the province it is done, where the product is sold) 
  • An explanation of the issues associated with the industry (social, environmental, economic concerns). 
  • A job futures explanation (sunrise/sunset, rising/falling, etc...)

B Block Law 12 - Today we're back in the class to finish up family law as a subject. Our focus for the day will be on support and we'll look at the Federal Child Support Guidelines (schedules/tables) and BC's Family Maintenance Enforcement Act. This gets us to the end of our family law unit and we'll begin a review for next week's final exam.

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