Thursday, April 10, 2014

Friday, April 11. 2014

Today's schedule is A-AG-B-C-D

A Block Social Studies 11 - Today we will spend the entire class looking at the Paris Peace Conferences and the Treaty of Versailles. You have the block and Monday to work on:
Great Suffering work section A, B, and C
Great Expectations work section questions A, B, and C
Germany Re-Made: The Treaty of Versailles work section questions A and B
A Dictated Peace: The Treaty of Versailles work section questions A, B and C

For more info see:
BBC History: The Ending of World War One
UK History Site Treaty of Versailles
Treaty of Versailles documents
First World War dot com Treaty of Versailles
You Tube video on Treaty of Versailles
BBC World War One Treaty of Versailles

B Block Geography 12 - Today is the last day in the library for you to work on your Mass Wasting pamphlet and you can find the assignment on Monday's blog entry. This assignment is due next Monday (April14th) and I'd like you to submit it digitally to me. Please save your document as a publisher file (.pub), a word file (.docx), or an adobe file (.pdf) and e-mail it to my school mail address...Thanks. Here are some websites to help...
Forest Service National Avalanche Center
United States Geological Survey Landslides Hazard
Federal Emergency Management Association Landslide & Debris Flow
National Park Service Mass Wasting
Geological Survey of Canada Landslides
Parks Canada Mountain Guide
University of Kentucky Earth Science Department Mass Wasting animation
Parks Canada Backcountry Avalanche Information
National Atlas of the United States Landslides
OUC Foundations of Physical Geography Mass Wasting

D Block Social Studies 10 - Today you can start with a pro/con chart on Confederation that I'll give you in class. After, we will look at the Charlottetown and Quebec conferences in August and October 1864. We'll talk about the circus atmosphere of the Charlottetown Conference and examine the outcomes of the week long discussion. Next we'll look at the Quebec conference and identify all of the political and logistical problems that the Founders of Confederation had to overcome. We'll figure out what the Quebec Resolutions (also called the 72 Resolutions) were and see how taxation and representation issues were deal breakers for PEI and Newfoundland.

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