Thursday, April 3, 2014

Friday, April 4. 2014

Today's schedule is D-AG-C-B-A

D Block Social Studies 10 - Today we're off to the library to begin work on a Rebellions Editorial activity. After we've taken attendance and logged on to the computers in the library read through the following description of your activity:

You are a newspaper editor for either the Toronto Telegraph or the Montreal Gazette. It is 1840; Mackenzie has been pardoned and is living in Toronto again while Papineau is exiled and living in France. You are going to write an editorial (opinion piece) on the rebellions of both Upper and Lower Canada. Write a one paged editorial arguing that the rebels were either justified in their actions or were traitors to the King and England. Remember it is 1840, one year before the Act of Union, but Durham's recommendations would be public knowledge in the colonies by now (responsible government, union of the Canadas, more equality of the churches, and more local control in governance).

You'll have today and tomorrow in the library to work on this activity. This is a project mark so it would be wise not to waste your time or blow this assignment off (especially considering the end of the term looms nigh!) Look here for more:
William Lyon Mackenzie
Durham's Act of Union
Musee McCord Museum "The Aftermath of the Rebellions flash movie
Township Heritage
1837/8 Patriot War

B Block Geography 12 - Today we'll quickly review the Mass Wasting work we did yesterday. After, we'll look at three types of snow avalanches (loose, wet, and slab). We'll understand where they occur, why they happen, and figure out the physics of snow mass movement. After, we're off to the library to start our next project on Mass Wasting. The assignment is in your week 8 package. Today, next Tuesday and Friday are the only days that I can give you for research as the library is booked solid so you'll need to do some research on your own. Here are some websites to help...
Forest Service National Avalanche Center
United States Geological Survey Landslides Hazard
Federal Emergency Management Association Landslide & Debris Flow
National Park Service Mass Wasting
Geological Survey of Canada Landslides
Parks Canada Mountain Guide
University of Kentucky Earth Science Department Mass Wasting animation
Parks Canada Backcountry Avalanche Information
National Atlas of the United States Landslides
OUC Foundations of Physical Geography Mass Wasting
Canadian Avalanche Centre Behind the Lines
Government of Alberta Tourism Parks and Rec
Crested Butte Avalanche Center
Utah Avalanche Center danger scales

A Block Social Studies 11 - Today we'll finish part three of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand on BBC's "Days That Shook the World". After, we'll go through the initial stages of conflict from Gavrillo Princip's assassination of the Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife through the ultimatums and mobilizations that brought the wider European continent into conflict by September 1914. I'll have you take a few notes down about the Canadian Expeditionary Force and then you'll need to work on questions 1 & 2 from page 24 as well as question 2 from page 47 along with questions 2, 3, and 4 from page 28 of the Counterpoints textbook. Lastly, if there's time, we'll talk about the technology of warfare in 1914 - 1915 and how the mechanization of war enabled a horrific toll to be exacted upon soldiers and the landscape.

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