Thursday, April 24, 2014

Friday, April 25. 2014

Today's schedule is A-AG-B-C-D

A Block Social Studies 11 - You'll be in the library today where you'll finish your work on the five flash cards on Canadian personalities from the 1920’s. For this you'll need to choose a person from the list below and identify their accomplishments. The front half of the flash card should have a picture of them along with their name and the back half of the card should list out who they were, what they did and why they were important.
J.S. Woodsworth
Lionel Conacher
William Lyon Mackenzie King
Bobbie Rosenfeld
Agnes McPhail
Joe Capilano
Emily Murphy
Wilfred “Wop” May
Mary Pickford
Edward “Ted” Rogers
Emily Carr
Archie Belaney “Grey Owl”
Tom Thompson
A.Y. Jackson
Frederick Banting
Fay Wray
Armand Bombardier
Robert Nathaniel Dett

Don't forget there is a template you can use for the flashcards today in the shared directory on the school computers. I'll take your decade on a page along with your flashcards no later than Monday in class.

B Block Geography 12 - Today you have your Gradation Unit Final test. This test will take the whole class to complete and if came prepared then I am certain you will do fine. Relax, breathe, and dazzle me with what you know. If you finish earlt you may do one of two things:
  1. Finish your Medicine Hat topographic map lab or
  2. Brainstorm your list of weather questions you've always wanted the answer to

C Block Law 9/10 - Don't forget I've asked you to create an interview where you are a famous Canadian criminologist being interviewed by George Stroumboulopoulos on his CBC television show. What you'll need to do is come up with some crazy, creepy or absurdly normal crime that gained huge notoriety in Canada (murder, treason, assault, embezzlement, kidnapping, criminal harassment - AKA stalking, drug trafficking, gang related activities or some minor crime perpetrated by a major Canadian celebrity - oh just imagine Justin Bieber being charged with what). After you create a crime story idea, you'll need to have five questions that George will ask you (no "what's your name" doesn't count as one). Try to come up with questions that you can reasonably answer within three to four sentences..."So what do you think motivated (person X) to commit (action Y)"?

What should this look like? A brief paragraph that introduces the crime and gives a brief biography of you is the start. Next write out the five questions George will ask you about the crime, the perpetrator, the kind of person who commits that crime, the motives of that person, an explanation of your personal crime theory and then try to answer them using your theory.

In the last half of the class we are going to watch an episode of "I Detective" called Identity Unknown. In this show the investigation of a crime is followed and at key points the narration stops and you'll be asked to make a decision as if you were a detective in the case. I will ask you to keep track of your choices and we'll see what kind of criminal investigator / detective you'd make!

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