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Monday, November 18. 2013

Today's schedule is A-AG-B-C-D

A Block Criminology 12 - Today we will be in the library working on our first journal / blog entry. Over the past week I've asked you to develop your own theory as to why crime happens. I asked you to use the list of brainstormed items from our class discussions, your notes on the history of criminology and from the Crime Theory website. So....Today you will need to set up a blog for the course. You may use Google's Blogspot, Wordpress, Live Journal, Bloguni, or any other blog creation site you choose. I would HIGHLY recommend staying with blogspot, wordpress, or live journal. You will need to develop a blog, and then use the list of brainstormed items from our class discussions in the first week of class; the review we did last week of Choice, Trait, Social Structure, Social Process and Social Conflict Theories; and information from these sites:
Criminology for Dummies Cheat Sheet
Nelson Criminological Theory summaries
Criminology OnLine - An In depth Look at Various Crime Theories

You will need to write out your crime theory, and then find an article about a recent crime here in Canada. Make a link to the news article on your blogsite and then write how your theory explains the crime. An excellent crime news website is the CANOE CNews Crime the bottom of the Crime Headlines section there is an excellent archive of three months of crime stories for you to use.

B Block Social Studies 10 - Today we'll take a look at the Metis, Bison and the Red River Valley, which introduces us to the settlement of Manitoba and the conflict that developed between the European worldview of the Red River settlers and the worldview of the Metis that lived in the area (who depended upon the Buffalo there). From the Manitoba Metis Federation website:

Blue and White are the colours of the National Metis Flag. It has a white infinity symbol with a blue background. This flag was flown on June 19, 1816 at the “Battle of Seven Oaks” under the leadership of Cuthbert Grant. He led a Metis brigade on the Assiniboine River and seized the Company post at Brandon House. They then set off to the Red River Fough, the skirmish of Seven Oaks, in which Governor Semple and twenty-one of his men were killed for the cost of one Metis life.

We'll discuss Seven Oaks and look at how the geography of the Red River valley led to conflict between settlers, fur companies, and settlers. If we get to it, you'll need to complete questions 1 & 2 on page 142 as well as questions 1-4 on page 149 of the Horizons text.

C Block Crime, Media and Society 12 - Today we are in the library  to begin our work on the collaborize classroom site...Once you log on to the computers go to the Room 611 Collaborize site and request access to the site; I'll approve you and then I'd like you to work through the "Getting Started" steps 1 & 2 on the site. After that you can post to the "Should we be worried about the amount of crime in Canada?" question. For the rest of the class I'd like you to

D Block Law 12 - Today in Law we'll examine the court room and we'll look at the three court levels in BC (Provincial, Supreme, and Appellate). After, we'll focus on courtroom organization and then we'll discuss the roles and responsibilities of the judge, the crown prosecutor, defense counsel, the court clerk, court recorder, and sheriff. Next we'll look at the advantages of trial by jury and understand the methods and challenges to jury selection. I'll be pushing you a bit this week to get our criminal law unit finished because we need to shift our focus on to Civil Law soon. For more on juries in BC check out Justice BC - What is Jury Duty?

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