Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wednesday, October 30. 2013

Today's schedule is B-AG-A-D-C

B Block Social Studies 10 - Today we'll look at the Fenian Raids led by John O'Mahony and Michael Murphy. We'll make sense of Canada losing preferential status through the abolition of the Corn Laws in 1846 and our Reciprocity Treaty of 1854 with the United States.

Check out Confederation for Kids "How Canada was Formed" for more information on the topic!

A Block Law 9/10 - Today we'll look at the advantages of trial by jury and then we'll understand the methods and challenges to jury selection. You'll need to complete questions 2-6 on page 124 of your All About Law text. I'll be pushing you a bit this week to get our criminal law unit finished because next Tuesday (November 5th) you'll have your unit final test. Remember the unit final will only be on arrests, warrants, pre-trial procedures, trial organization, evidence, and sentencing options post trial.
Justice BC - What is Jury Duty?

D Block Law 12 - Today we will begin our look at criminal law defenses focusing on alibi (disputing the Actus Reus) and automatism (disputing the Mens Rea) and I'll give you a few notes on both defenses. We'll review the Kenneth Parks homicidal somnambulism case (sleepwalking murder R. v. Parks, 1992). There is a great read on TruTV (used to be called Court TV) about the case. It is interesting to note that the same defense was attempted in Arizona in 1999....it failed. You can read about the case involving Scott Falater who stabbed his wife 44 times and claimed he was sleepwalking here. After we look at automatism as a defense, we'll also look at legal duty where we'll watch a video about the recreation of the Stanley Milgram experiment. This relates to the Shepardsville, Kentucky McDonald's sexual assault case and legal duty as a criminal law defence.

C Block Criminology 12 - Today we'll continue our look at gangs and gang activity in Canada. I'll give you time to work on the on four organized crime groups poster activity, one of which was cartels. After, I will show you a History Channel show called Gangland. The episode I'd like to show you is from season three and it's called "To Torture or to Kill". This episode is about "Los Zetas" and the drug corridor along the Nuevo Laredo - Texas border.

Economist - Mexican Drug War
InSight Crime Los Zetas
CNN Los Zetas
National Post Los Zetas
You can watch the Gangland documentary in class, on the link here or watch it below...

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