Monday, May 20, 2013

Tuesday, May 21. 2013

Today's schedule is C-AG-D-A-B

C Block Social Studies 10 - Today I'll go over the work that you completed with Mr. Janz last Thursday and Friday. After, we'll discuss the insane geography that the CPR was constructed upon. We'll look at the stretches of northern Ontario where track was built and then rebuilt again due to "geographic difficulties". The photo to the left is CPR construction north of Lake Superior. We'll learn about Andrew Onderdonk and the railway through BC. We'll focus on John A. Macdonald's "National Policy" and look at the connection between Sir Hugh Allan's Pacific Railway Company, the Pacific Scandal and Macdonald's defeat in 1873. We'll then look at George Stephen & Donald A. Smith's Pacific Railway Company which hired William Van Horne and Andrew Onderdonk to build the railway. Tomorrow you'll need to begin story boarding your children's book on the building of the CPR.

D Block Criminology 12 - Today we will have the opportunity to get caught up on our journal work. So far you should have three entries: personal theory of crime (Monday, May 13th), crime trends and rates (Monday, April 29th) and the short and long term effects of being a crime victim (Monday, May 6th). Today should be your fourth entry and I'd like you to find out as much information as you can about two notorous Canadian murderers... Clifford Robert Olson Jr. (Serial) and Marc L├ępine (Mass). For this assignment I'd like you to tell me what they did and why they did it....use Levin & Fox's typology of serial and mass murder to explain motives. Do not use Wikipedia as your source for this assignment use the links on the names above. Aside from answering what they did and why they did it, also try to answer what can we learn from their horrific actions and is it ever possible to stop people like this in Canada? Why or Why not?

B Block Social Studies 11 - Today we'll finish our look at the military campaigns we began last Thursday (Blitz & Barbarossa in Europe and Hong Kong and Pearl Harbor in the Pacific). We'll also examine Dieppe and Canada's role in that battle today. Tomorrow we'll focus on Japanese Internment and D-Day. You have the rest of the class to work on your propaganda poster for Canada in World War Two.

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