Sunday, April 14, 2013

Monday, April 15. 2013

Today's schedule is A-AG-B-C-D

A Block Law 9/10 - Today we are back in the library for our penultimate (second to last) day for work on our Forensic Science web page project. This assignment is due on Friday (April 19th) so it would be wise of you to accomplish as much as you can in the next two days. On Friday I'll need you to post your URL (Uniform Resource Locator or web page address) on your blog and I'll have your assignment marked by Monday morning (April 22nd). Your final marks will be posted outside of room 611 that day. Work hard!

B Block Social Studies 11 -  The Treaty of Versailles work is due today at the end of class. I'll give you a quick review for the unit final in class today and you should begin studying for it as it will be tomorrow (April 16th). Although the cost in lives was great, the First World War helped transform Canada into a modern industrial nation with international standing. So, in order to assess and explain the Political, Economic, Social and Cultural changes to Canada, from the outset to the end of the First World War, I`d like you to answer the following question: What effect did Canada’s participation in the First World War have on Canadian society and its status as a nation?
The Canadian War Museum has a very good online exhibit of Canada in World War One - here.

C Block Social Studies 10 - Today we'll finish our look at confederation (July 1st 1867). We`ll quickly discuss the London Conferences and then look at the division of powers established in the British North America Act. Don`t forget that the USA had just recently been going through a nasty civil war and the states themselves had much greater powers than we assigned to the provinces of Canada. There`s a reason, therefore, we had a much stronger central government as we did not want to see a similar unfortunate event take place in Canada. I'll have you work on a Division of Powers Chart in class today and don`t forget that today your editorial cartoon is due. Tomorrow (April 16th) you'll have a unit final on confederation and you'll conclude the unit with a confederation timeline.

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