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Friday, April 19. 2013

Today's schedule is C-D-A-B-X

C Block Social Studies 10 - Today we will take a look at first contact between European and Aboriginal Peoples on the prairies in Canada. We'll review the concept of worldview and then spend time examining the relationship that developed between the Aboriginal Peoples and both the North West Company and Hudson's Bay Company on the Canadian Prairies.

Remember the Conquistadors and Aztec civilization? Montezuma, the Aztec leader, believed that Cortez was the return of Quetzalcoatl, the exiled deity who vowed one day to return and claim his kingdom. Aztec mythology tells of a fair-skinned god, Quetzalcoatl, who sailed east to join the sun god, warning that he would return.

"Many came also to gape at the strange men, now so famous, and at their attire, arms and horses, and they said 'These men are gods!'" – Francisco Lopez de Gomara, from The History of the Conquest of Mexico, 1552

Why would Montezuma believe in this? Technology mixed with a sense of foreboding doom that existed in Mexico. Today we will watch an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation called "Who Watches the Watchers?" From the official Star Trek website:

A team of Federation anthropologists, working in a camouflaged outpost on Mintaka III, have been observing the Mintakans — a race of Vulcan-like humanoids whose development is at the equivalent of earth's Bronze Age. But when an explosion rips through the post, the expedition's leader, Barron, and his assistant, an elderly woman named Warren, are seriously injured. A third team member, a young man named Palmer, is dazed in the blast and wanders away from the site. Beaming down to assist the Federation officials, the Away Team is spotted by two Mintakans, Liko and his daughter Oji. Stunned by the sight of Warren being beamed up to the U.S.S. Enterprise, Liko accidentally slips and is critically injured in a fall. To save his life, Dr. Crusher beams Liko up to the ship, although it violates the Federation's Prime Directive, which states that members are not to interfere with other cultures. Regaining consciousness in Sickbay, Liko overhears Picard promising Barron that he will find Palmer. Despite the fact that Crusher performs a procedure to remove his short term memory, it doesn't work and Liko returns to the planet describing "the Picard" to other Mintakans as a god, capable of healing wounds and reversing death.

I'd like you to think about what happens in the Star Trek episode and then tomorrow we'll discuss the connections between what we see today and the relationship that developed between the Aboriginal Peoples and the North West Company and Hudson's Bay Company.

A Block Law 9/10 - Today we start with our final quiz in the course. This quiz will be on crimes, arrests, searches, pre-trial hearings and trial procedures. After the quiz you can work on your questions from Tuesday/Thursday and we'll watch an episode of Scooby Doo. Finally, we'll wrap up the course and you'll need to hand in your URL for your forensic science web page project today.

Forensic Pathology - Myah Rondeau
Questioned Documents - Tlell Mooney
Forensic Odontology - Naseem Habibi
Forensic Toxicology - Samantha Spodzieja and Merrick de Cent
Computer Forensics - Will Innes
Questioned Documents - Angela LaForge
Forensic Anthropology - Ty Sather
Forensic Toxicology - Stefi Johnson and Jordan Bell
Questioned Documents - Lexie Mackie and Daniela Nanez Neyra
Forensic Pathology - Kendrick Wilford and Matteo Giomo
Forensic Entomology - Quinten Russell

B Block Social Studies 11 - We'll start today with the the Winnipeg General Strike work in your Counterpoints textbook (questions 1 & 2 from page 51). After we'll begin an activity on the 20's in Canada. Using chapter 3 in the Counterpoints textbook (pages 48-72) you need to identify the changes in and challenges to Canada for the following four topics:

  1. Arts, Culture, and Leisure
  2. Government, International Autonomy, and Political Parties
  3. Industry, Jobs, and Wealth
  4. Society (race, gender, social class), Urbanization, and Values
This will be done in a webbed format and needs to show the massive cultural and economic shift that occurred in the 1920's. When completing this activity you'll need to identify any connections between the topics that you can. You'll need to look at: prohibition in Canada and branch plants in Canada; William Lyon Mackenzie King, the Halibut Treaty, the Chanak Affair, the Statute of Westminister and the King-Byng crisis; Aboriginal title and cut off lands (including Joe Capilano), racial segregation and immigration laws, Emily Murphy and the Person's Case; as well as the Group of Seven, Emily Carr, the US influence on Canadian culture.

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