Sunday, February 3, 2013

Monday, February 4. 2013

Welcome to Semester 2, the schedule for the day is A-AG-B-C-D.

A Block Law 9/10 - Welcome to Introduction to Law, also known as Law & Order: Vanier and sometimes known as CSI: Vanier. This term class is a very short but exciting look at criminal law in Canada. The course is organized much like an episode of Law & Order. The first two weeks of the course deal with criminological studies (the study of crime - we will focus on why crime is committed). The next month of the class deals with criminal forensics and detective investigation. The last three weeks of the class deal with the "order" component of Law & Order where we'll follow the process of arrest, trial, and sentencing for crimes committed. Each week we spend Monday in the Library either doing some research on a specific topic or preparing our major project. We also spend each Friday watching an episode of of CSI, Law & Order, Cold Case Files, Millennium, Criminal Minds, or Forensic Files (but there's always a question about what you watch). There are only 38 classes in the term so attendance and keeping on top of your work are crucial elements of a successful grade in the class. Today I want you to brainstorm a list of all the reasons you can think why someone would commit a crime and we'll collect all of your ideas on the board for a discussion.

B Block Social Studies 11 - Welcome to Social Studies 11. Today we will go through the course outline package and become familiar with the routines and structures of room 611. We will take the class to orient ourselves to the curriculum and get ready to look at the topic for the week - Regionalism and the challenges to Canada. Social Studies 11 is an intense one semester course that deals with the Canadian governmental system; the emergence of Canada in the 20th Century, from Dominion to influential Middle Power; and Canada’s role in global economic, social, cultural, and environmental issues. You will learn about who makes our laws, who carries out and enforces our laws, and who interprets and upholds our laws. You’ll learn about the close relationship we have with the United States, the sometimes tense relationship we have with Quebec, and the relationship we have with other countries and organizations around the world. Finally, you’ll learn about the issues that face the world, as a whole, such as population, climate change, development assistance, and conflict and conflict resolution. There is a required Provincial exam for this class that counts for 20% of the final grade.

C Block Social Studies 10 - Welcome to Social Studies 10. Today we will go through the course outline package and on Wednesday we'll get our Horizons textbook from the library. Social Studies 10 first reorients you with basic mapping and geography skills from grades 8 and 9. Next, you’ll apply these skills in an investigation of Canada’s physiographic regions. With some insight into the different physical and environmental challenges of our varied landscape, you’ll examine the growth and expansion of Canada from a British colony to a nation approaching the twentieth century. Lastly the economies of BC and Canada will be studied with emphasis on the challenges facing our major industries. Today I'll have you draw mental maps of Canada (not from the maps on the wall!) and get you to work in partners on a large scale map. We'll finish these tomorrow and then we'll turn our focus to map reading skills.

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