Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008

Today's schedule is D-C-Lunch-A-B.

D - Geography 12 - Today we start looking at storms and "CYCLOGENESIS"...sweet! We will look at mid-latitude cyclones and the source regions of air masses that cause these storms to develop. We'll analyze the difference between the three dimensional structure of a warm front and a cold front and if you're especially good (and you should be as Santa is coming soon) then we'll finish watching our BBC friend Mr. Donal McIntyre and his efforts to combat both cold and wet extremes on the planet. Tomorrow is all about weather maps and then Wednesday through Friday sees us in the library for the Severe Weather power point assignment. Today, you'll need to hand in last week's work on atmospheric moisture (Day 55) and the circulation of air around highand low pressure systems (Day 54). Your work to accomplish for the day is questions 1, 2, and 5 from page 147 and question 10 from page 248 in your Geosystems textbook. The following sites will help with cyclogenesis:
Michael Ritter's The Physical Environment: An Introduction to Physical Geography on line text
National Weather Service Jet Stream on line weather school
University of Illinois WW2010 Weather Wold Project
Rapid Cyclogenesis Web lesson

C - Introduction to Law 9/10 - Today you'll write quiz three of the course on the work from last week. After we are off to the library to have our first day to work on the forensic science web page assignment. You will not have the opportunity to choose a topic for this assignment until you've handed in your previous project. There are many on line web page creation sites (including this site which is kind of like a bloggers for dummies site). Try the following:
Of course the creation of your site is really the last step in the process. Once you've chosen your topic (through me) you will need to get started working on finding information about it.Don't forget there are some fabulous print resources in the library and you must have at least one print source for this assignment. The details for the assignment (criteria) are listed on page 12 of your course book (handout). But here's a review:

It will be your responsibility to create one section of the G.P. Vanier Forensic Science / Criminology web page. You will need to find the following information about your chosen subject topic: 1- A description of your subject which includes an explanation of what is (history, background information, people associated with it, important milestones and discoveries). 2- An explanation of how your topic is collected at the crime scene and the tools that are used to interpret the evidence at the crime lab. 3-An description showing how the subject is used to solve crimes (identifying suspects, showing the cause of death, tracing the source of evidence or identifying a possible alternate crime scene). 4-Graphics - photos, illustrations, and animations that show and explain your subject. 5-Case Study - Provide one example of how your subject was used to solve a real crime. 6- Provide URL’s as links for further investigation of your subject.

A - Law 12 - Today is your criminal law unit final test. If you studied and are prepared then I'm certain you will do fine. We will mark the test together in class and then we'll take a look at the main differences between civil and criminal law for the remainder of the period. Tomorrow you'll get your final project for the year.

B- Earth and Space Science 11 - Today is your surface processes unit final test. If you studied and are prepared then I'm certain you will do fine. We will mark the test together in class and then you'll have the opportunity to ask any question that you want answered about weather that has been bugging you. You could ask something like "How is it possible that it can rain in my front yard but be sunny in my back yard"? or "Is it true that you can tell the temperature by listening to crickets"? or "Will there be lots of snow on Mount Washington this year"? I can easily answer the first two, but I can't really help you with the last one. Just keep checking the ski report and hope that a cold snap his soon enough for a December 5th opening!

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